Helping Recreate Chicago Plates...

Helping Recreate Chicago Plates...

Nutrition Philosophy

I am an advocate for proper nutrition for everyone, no matter their age bracket or walk of life. I have my degree from Dominican University in Nutrition and Dietetics.

I am an associate member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as a Kids Eat Right campaign member.  My philosophy on nutrition education is that I always promote that average Americans get their nutrition and medical information from evidenced-based resources.

The rule for proper nutrition that I promote is people can eat everything in moderation. Very few people should use an elimination diet to lose weight. The main reason to do an elimination diet is to see where actual food allergies may factor into food consumption. If you feel you need to be on an elimination diet, please focus on working with a team of medical professionals. I encourage people not to get an elimination diet off the Internet and follow without medical guidance.

If people have the concern of maintaining or losing weight, the focus should be on portion sizes of all foods.


Available to speak for groups in Northwest, North, and West suburbs of Chicago.


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